Direction, choreography, and performance: Francesca La Cava and Giorgia Maddamma Dramaturgy assistance and lighting design: Anouscka Brodacz

Original Music: Globster Lighting Design: Michele Innocenzi

  • Common Name: Pink Flamingo
  • Scientific Name: Phoenicopterus roseus Pallas
  • Kinship: Bird of Fire, Arabian Phoenix
  • Favorite Foods: Artemia salina
  • Favorite Phrase: Post fata resurgo
  • Favorite Theater: La Fenice in Venice
  • Spirit: Collaborative
  • Distinctive Traits: 12 black feathers
  • Zodiac Sign: Constellation of the Crane
  • Recurring Dream: Escape
  • Flight Pattern: “V” shaped, of new trend
  • Survival Strategy: Complicity
  • Food: Sushi
  • Drink: Aperol Spritz
  • Tattoo: Red Shrimp
  • Character: Finely Rough
  • Accessory: High heels
  • Nickname: Long legs
  • Hobby: Flamenco
  • Residence: Citizen of the world
  • Vices: Long cigarettes
  • Height: Extendable
  • Family: Numerous

From flight, our journey begins!

Where are we on our journey? We feel the urgency to take a step back and start anew with a different course, to plant new seeds for growing new and better plants, to respect our places, learn to appreciate them, and recognize their beauty and uniqueness. Our research focuses on something that exists, that lives around us in its extreme, simple complexity, in its unique mechanism that belongs to the animal kingdom, from which we have chosen the PINK FLAMINGO.

We start with the concept that most of the things we believe we need are actually superfluous and, worse, prevent us from focusing on what we truly need. In nature, we can certainly find our deep source of wealth, our seeds to sprout, our research to develop. SHOCKING wants to, through the double meaning contained in the title, the color tone of flamingos, and the shock suffered by the entire humanity due to the pandemic, the resulting paradoxical situation it has subjected humanity to, and which probably they, the animals, have experienced the better side of, that of freedom, to develop through two artistic languages that perfectly marry, music and dance. These twin arts merge in the attempt of flight, the extreme one of dreaming and the real one of traveling, both meticulously prepared and experienced simultaneously.

Our journey, inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s Codex on the Flight of Birds, aims to find solutions to enable humans to fly, to soar in the air and become light.

The metaphor of the flamingo allows us to seek our own code for resolving life’s burdens and to develop a personal manual of flight, equipped with instructions and warnings, useful to all those who wish to undertake this journey with us into beauty, nature, and the human experience.

Photo by Edmund Kurenia

Production: GRUPPO e-MOTION and KOREOPROJECT with the support of MIC, the Abruzzo Region, the Municipality of L’Aquila, and Operation RESTART, Puglia Region. Residencies: Spazio Matta (Pescara), BarrakkArt (Puglia), Dance screen in the land (Lazio), DANSSABEEL (Egypt), Asmed (Sardinia).

First studio presentation: September 8 and 9, 2022 – Dance screen in the land – Borgo Acqua Paola – Bracciano (RM) Second studio presentation: October 21, 2022 – FIND International Festival of New Dance – Teatro Massimo – Cagliari Third studio presentation: November 5, 2022 – Danssabeel – Cairo (Egypt) Final presentation: December 11, 2022 – Spazio Matta – Pescara