Ritorno alla Terra

“Return to the Earth” is a musical performance with dance interludes.

The meeting between musicians and dancers who have had a long-standing collaboration for a message of rediscovered hope: the earth is our support, it is the mother who hosts us in her warm womb and nourishes us. This project unfolds like a newly sprouted seedling until it becomes a tall tree loaded with leaves, flowers, and fruits reaching for the sky, with strong and sturdy roots. Music and dance serve as a metaphor for all of this: the double bass and drums anchor the structure that supports the bodies of the two dancers, who are at the same time trunks, branches, and leaves of a great mother earth of art that welcomes and embraces all. Dance is the tree, music is its lifeblood. Simplicity is the key word, but it is the result of complex and articulated thoughts and actions.

It is evident that the perception of our daily life before the pandemic that the world experienced is no longer sustainable in many aspects; hence, the need arises to reflect, take a step back, and start anew. The need arises to plant new seeds to grow new and more flourishing plants, respecting our own land and our Earth.

The performative act in this case becomes an act of reform. Music in dialogue with dance conquers new spaces and fills them with meaning. The multidisciplinary nature of the show is enriched with scenographic elements, imagining trunks and elements related to nature of various shapes and sizes.

We will also aim to respect the environment by limiting the sound impact in terms of the use of audio/video/lighting equipment, in order to preserve the charm and unpredictability of the encounter between music, dance, and the architecture of the venue.

Project winner of the Puglia Sound Producers 2020/2021 competition, produced by KOREOPROJECT under the artistic direction of Giorgia Maddamma and co-produced by WORKIN’LABEL under the artistic direction of Irene Scardia.

“Return to the Earth” is a live musical and dance performance with double bass, drums, piano, and bodies.

Music: Marco Bardoscia (double bass) and Dario Congedo (drums)

Dance: Giorgia Maddamma, Sara Bizzoca, Ambra Berni Canani

Video: Carlo Mazzotta

Duration: 40 minutes

Collaborazione artistica tra Giorgia Maddammma(danza), Marco Bardoscia (Musica) e Carlo Mazzotta (Video)